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Business Law

Buying or Selling a Business

  • Performing due diligence
  • Researching the business’ financials (assets and debts)
  • Researching contractual obligations of the business
  • Evaluating accounts receivable
  • Negotiating terms of the sale and payment
  • Securing financing and drafting loan or financing agreements
  • Drafting the purchase and sale agreement
  • Drafting or evaluating commercial real estate leases

Business Formation, Operation and Governance

  • Forming corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships
  • Preparing operating, shareholder, and partnership agreements
  • By-laws
  • Employment / Non-compete / Non-disclosure Agreements
  • Employee Manuals
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Severance Agreements
  • Preparing documentation for minority, women, and veteran owned business certification
  • Nonprofit and Tax Exempt Organizations

Free Consultation

Business Law

At Thomas Law, Clients Gain Confidence From Working With A Savvy Legal Professional With A Deep Understanding Of The Specifics Their Individual Situations Present

​The success and longevity of a business is largely tied to the way it is structured and organized from its inception.  Ownership disagreements over matters that should be decided when the business is established can stifle growth, demoralize employees and waste valuable assets in costly litigation.  A well defined ownership agreement and governing bylaws can prevent internal disputes from escalating in protracted legal battles or help companies avoid these situations altogether.  At Thomas Law, we provide experienced legal counsel and representation to individuals and business owners regarding the legal, financial, and contractual issues related to the successful operation of your business.  We review and draft internal governance documents, including operating agreements, shareholder and partnership agreements, and employment and non-compete agreements, to ensure that our clients are protected while allowing them to focus on their specific business goals.  Moreover, at Thomas Law, we offer flat fee service packages to meet our clients’ needs.  From entity planning, to asset protection, to commercial litigation, we offer comprehensive legal services to Indiana’s small business community.  

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