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Many future disputes can be prevented (or at least minimized) by consulting with an attorney prior to entering into a lease agreement.  At Thomas Law, we ask the right questions and incorporate the necessary provisions into lease agreements to reduce the likelihood of problems down the road.  In most cases, we can negotiate terms and conditions that are reasonable and balanced for all parties.  Far too often, small businesses simply sign the landlord’s lease without negotiating for more favorable terms, and more importantly, without fully appreciating the legal ramifications of the terms upon which they have agreed.  At Thomas Law, we represent both landlords and small business tenants in a variety of commercial matters.  A small investment with an attorney can save your business time and expense in the event of a dispute down the road.

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Leasing a business space or renting out an investment property to a tenant may seem simple, but can become problematic when disputes arise. Most small business owners lease space from a landlord.  When the landlord presents the business tenant with the lease, few tenants know what to look out for, and end up getting stuck with terms they did not understand or even knew existed.  Also, since many small businesses do not have established business credit, these leases usually contain personal guarantees that are extremely one-sided, and give the guarantor little recourse in the event of a dispute.  Even if your landlord is fair and reasonable, business tenants still need an attorney to review initial drafts of their leases.  

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