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As a business owner, Edward understands that entrepreneurship is often fraught with unavoidable surprises and he strongly believes that legal fees should not be among them.  Small businesses are routinely required to do more with less, and at Thomas Law, our Flat Fee Advisor Program provides our clients with predictability regarding their legal fees so that their budget stretches further. After spending a decade working at a large Indianapolis law firm, including handling and resolving hundreds of civil disputes and transactions, Edward enjoys leveraging his professional training and experience on behalf of his clients by integrating “big firm” strategies into a cost-effective, transparent, and efficient small firm practice. Capitalizing on his military background, and law firm experience, Edward applies that same work ethic, attention to detail, and mandate for quality, while ensuring legal services are available to Indiana’s small business community. 

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Thomas Law exclusively specializes in serving the interests of Indiana's entrepreneurial and small business communities. We leverage cutting edge legal technology to provide comprehensive, forward-thinking, and affordable guidance, with a particular focus on family, minority, women, and veteran-owned businesses. Thomas Law works with aspiring entrepreneurs and established business owners to provide step-by-step guidance in creating, sustaining, and protecting a successful business. From consulting with you to determine the appropriate entity for your business, to drafting the necessary governing documents designed to proactively address issues that will inevitably surface down the road, to vigorously protecting your business and personal interests when disputes arise, Thomas Law provides strategic counsel and practical solutions to Indiana small businesses.

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Our Mission

Edward D. Thomas, Sr. launched Thomas Law for one reason - to provide affordable, high quality legal services to small businesses, non-profits, entrepreneurs, and individuals. Edward understands that there is an entire middle market of businesses not currently being served because they are priced out of traditional legal services. This is the reason products like LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer have become so popular. For the price, at least in the short term, many business owners are content with the end product they receive from these services. However, these business owners soon realize that these services fail to provide the essential factor that will ultimately save them time and money down the road - the human element. Let’s face it, if adequate legal protection was as easy as pulling a document off the shelf and handing it to you, there would be little need for attorneys. Unfortunately, that’s simply not the case. Part of ensuring that clients have the appropriate legal protections in place requires an understanding of each client’s particular business, including establishing the kind of relationship where an experienced attorney serves as a trusted strategic advisor. Opposed to a piecemeal approach, small business owners get the most out of legal representation when they commit to an ongoing relationship. 

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